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Is your brand Protected?

Facelift specialises in brand, trademark,
IP, design, digital & domain protection. 

Brand Protection  

Protecting your brand is as important as creating it! Facelift Design® are leaders in all aspects of Brand Protection and legal litigation disputes, to support a claimant or as part of the defence, from Trademark and IP protections, to designs and digital securities.


©Copyright is automatically created at the point of the creation of an idea, slogan or sketch and even if the works form a paid service, the ©Copyright will always remain with the creator, unless a copyright transfer document was signed by both the designer and the client. Many businesses although have paid for a service, ie the creation of a logo, a design and even a website, they do not automatically own the legal rights.

Facelift Design® helps individuals, creatives and design agencies fully expose their rights and help make things right!

Trademark & IP Protection 

Surprisingly, most British businesses don't have a trademark or an IP. Facelift has the knowledge and experience on how best to register and appeal against trademark & IP examinations, also how we can implement these protections to your advantage to challenge social usernames and domain uses.

Design & Digital Protection 

Facelift Design® knows how important your design assets cost to create, so we've many ways to help keep them safe and will provide advise on further measures to protect your brand, design and digital works.

NEW Brand Insurance 

Where did your logo come from? - was it truly unique!

Has your mark been checked for any potential passing off claim?

The scenario, you've spent thousand on a rebrand, not only the cost to design, but to implement across your business, but how original was that idea? What evidence do you hold that proves it was an original piece of art? Do you own your name?, these are very simple questions, but in most cases the answer will be NO!

In a 'to sue' state of mind, most businesses are sitting ducks and couldn't defend a legal challenge and even if you could, the legal costs are beyond standard legal rates due to the niche expertise required to challenge or defend, which is why we have team up to bring the first dedicated policy, to give you the peace of mind that no other policy will bring you for this area.

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