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What is your brand? A brand goes beyond your company name. It’s the colours you choose, your logo, corporate identity or mark, your persona and how this works collectively as one.

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Naming is vital, it's the first step in every brand journey. We establish the core elements of your company that describes your business, and with many the name already exists, but all names can be defined and quite often a new direction is formed.

Brand Creation 

We are masters of creating new exciting brands, not only that will look good, enhance, but with have a huge impact in brand awareness and most importantly, sales. The creation of brand starts with the research, where the current brand is which starts the creative mind to form new ideas and directions. Combined with valuable insight into the businesses key objectives, market place and potential clientele, we can create a timeless brand that will stay fresh for years. Our designs are tried and tested since the first commercial brand in 1990.

Brand Strategy 

Most agencies sell this first, but until a brand is formed based on our brand creation process, the strategy will be premature to a degree! Strategy is marketing, its how we will plan to use the brand to form the branding process. We will will identify how best to serve the new brand, the objectives and the future targets formulated, we will then structure, advise and how best to ignite, nurture and propel your brand to the expected levels.

Brand Guidelines 

Back to old school! Corporate guiltiness was a must have with all new identities created in the 80's and 90's, but over the past 20 years, businesses have not seen their importance, really until now. The guidelines help to keep all parties, staff and externals working to maintain the hard efforts made to get to the creation of the nice new brand. See them like your instruction manual, vital and always good to have close by.

Brand Management 

We don't want to let you go! The success of a rebrand and brand strategy is to implement, adapt and diverse as the weeks and months unfold. No one can put a brand plan or strategy plan then simply walk away, we don't, we stay with you in the background and are there ready to act when required to do so, whether it be a change in direction, new opportunities or sales and awareness are not hitting the original expectations. Brand management is a vital part of your journey to understand and embrace your brand for the years to come.

Marketing & PR 

You can't just hope the wind of change will come! we carefully introduce ideas, incentives that will help to roll out your brand and to captivate your audience. We will structure and advise key areas to develop and where and how to use external mediums, platforms and opportunities to grow your brand and sales.

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