Behind The Brand

Innovator, Designer & Brand Specialist: Julian Nelmes


Julian Nelmes ND, HND, BA(Hons), MCSD, ISTD renowned designer who has been designing commercially since his first contracted job to 'Splinters' Christchurch, Dorset in 1990. Other clients in the area soon followed such as Bulkey Homes, Pennyfarthing, Murray & Hayward, Mitchells to name a few.

Julian grew up in New Milton, Hampshire and in 1990 at the age of 16, was accepted into the highly acclaimed Art College, Shelley Park, named after the famous poet ‘Percy Bysshe Shelley’ to study National Diploma in Art & Design (ND), On completion, Julian progressed to the sister college, Bournemouth & Poole College Of Art & Design to study Higher National Diploma in Graphic Design (HND). A course which enabled him to create an opportunity to work at Pinewood Studios and the experience to exhibit in the final show on The Mall, London. On completion of the course in the summer of 1994, Julian was contacted by famous designer Tim Foster (British Airways), who was working closely with The University Of Wales, College Newport, to increase its popularity to new designers and to develop its name alongside, St Martin’s and Bath. Julian spent 2 years at the Caerleon Campus in Wales and was awarded BA(Hons) Design in 1996. "A natural talent, with creative flair" Tim Foster quoted. In 1996 he was awarded ISTD, Institute of the Society of Typographic Designers.

The following 4 years saw work collaborations with some of the largest design companies creating works for famous clients, such as Coca Cola, Malibu, B&Q, Max Factor, Baby Organix, Boddingtons, Ruddles Smooth and even Panda Pops, just to name a few. His vision and conceptual ideas led to the original concepts for Coca Cola, the 'diet coke break' and the slogan 'Thirsty?' and the original branding for Triple Eight Racing, lead by Derek Warwick, which is now the most successful British Touring Car Team of all time.

In 2000 Julian was awarded MCSD, A Member of the Charted Society of Designers and set up his own design company 'Facelift Design'. The work of Julian Nelmes can be seen everyday across the country and continues to provide creative solutions to all types of businesses & individuals, works are diverse from strategic ideas, graphic design, photography, marketing, building/construction and consultancy and has built a highly acclaimed reputation across the UK for his unique approach that creates commercial results.

The thriving passion for delivering fresh branding and creating visuals with clients while still in a meeting is a very special feature of Julian's ability and understanding of the marketing and perception for creating impact and awareness for their company and the success of a brand.




Shelley Park: Bournemouth & Poole College of Art & Design.

Julian Nelmes was accepted into the acclaimed Art College, Shelley Park at just 16.



The beginning of the Julian Nelmes Design 

To design and create the logo
for Splinters Christchurch



One Of A Kind Digital Portraitures & Landscapes